Collaboration tools, configurable workflows, and shared care plans 


A care management technology solution that drives
better outcomes

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Configure care teams
Identify and create care teams and role-based views.

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Identify gaps in care
View the care and services provided over time to identify gaps in care and implement interventions.

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Create care plans
Automate the creation of care plans based on evidence-based guidelines.

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Automate workflows
Leverage smart workflows to push tasks to the appropriate care team member.

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Manage utilization
Implement automated, configurable workflows and rules to create efficient authorization and referral processes.

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Provide whole-person care
Integrate SDoH and behavioral health services to address the needs of members.

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Track results
View reports and dashboards including outcomes, costs, and quality initiatives.

Care management features

Member record
Get a 360 degree view including medical and SDoH utilization, claims data, and prior authorizations.

Member lists
Create lists based on specific criteria to focus interventions and efforts on high cost, high utilizers.

Queue dashboard
Push a list of daily tasks for specific care teams to easily and efficiently track and complete interventions and tasks.

Program management
Identify and assign members to care management programs.

Rules engine
Configurable rules with a built-in set of reference rules to automatically surface high-risk members.

Reports and metrics
View reports and dashboards to evaluate performance including outcomes, costs, and quality initiatives.

Why SyntraNet by UpHealth

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Advanced cloud-based, configurable technology platform that supports configurable workflows.

Deep data integration and interoperability (HL7, FHIR, IHE) with clinical, behavioral health, housing, social, and community-based systems.

Market leading implementations focused on SDoH with real-life case studies of successful data collection and data integration.

A company DNA rooted in health equity and a long-standing commitment to serving vulnerable populations.