Care Management

Leverage automation and collaboration tools, configurable workflows, and shared care plans to manage individuals with complex needs.


Configurable care management workflows guided by evidence-based protocols to manage members with complex needs

Enable interdisciplinary care teams to create and share care plans to improve care coordination and decrease costs


SyntraNet provides extensive workflow customization, collaboration tools, and automation functionality that supports smart intake assessments and the ability to auto-create care plan elements

SyntraNet makes it ieasy to delegate tasks across the care management team including external providers

SyntraNet provides community-wide scheduling with bi-directional connectivity to practice management and scheduling systems. The system supports open access scheduling initiatives to coordinate service delivery across the care continuum

SyntraNet delivers a comprehensive suite of features for integrated care management

Identify member risk and enroll members in care programs

  • Rule-based registries to identify members who meet criteria for eligibility, qualification for enrollment in care programs, and specific interventions
  • Real-time risk stratification reflecting medical, behavioral, and social drivers of health

Configure team, create care plans, assign interventions and tasks, and review status

  • Care team identification (including provider delegation)
  • Recommended care plan generation based on evidence-based treatments
  • Care plan workflow management with assigned tasks and activities by care team member

Coordinate & document activities, and schedule appointments and services

  • Call documentation with the member and providers (including relevant attachments)
  • Correspondence capabilities with members and providers
  • Secure messaging for member/provider interactions
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Care management alerts and notifications
  • Referral management

Measure and analyze results and refine plans

  • Quality metric tracking
  • Outcome metrics tracking
  • Cost metrics tracking
  • Care team/delegated provider workload management dashboard
SyntraNet leverages care management best-practices and evidence-based programs, such as Project Boost and the Coleman model for care transitions. Protocols guide multi-disciplinary teams across organizations and sectors

Efficiently manage care management programs

Drive Quality Improvement

Example use case Description
Transitions of care Identify members needing transitions of care management in real-time. The transition care plan and workflow is developed with activities assigned to specific care team members
Medication management Create Technology a complete and accurate medication list, address medication reconciliation and medication management issues
Care gap closure Identify of care gaps and assign gap closure tasks to members of the care team

SyntraNet helps your teams manage healthcare costs

A program using SyntraNet to manage high-risk Medicaid members in the District of Columbia achieved 43% reductions in costs and 50% reduction in hospitalizations for children with complex healthcare needs

Streamline care transitions

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